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High School students who engage in research increase their likelihood of admission to a top 10 university by 25%.

We aspire to empower high school students globally by offering exciting research opportunities in the dynamic fields of data science, machine learning, and AI across diverse domains like computer science, engineering, medicine, biology, economics, and business.

Together, we collaborate with students to tailor their unique research topics, fostering creativity and personal growth through one on one mentoring process.

High School Research Programs in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

Types of Programs

1) Research and Publication Program
Month 1 
Meet with your mentor to explore and finalize a research topic.
Month 2-5
Define a framework to conduct research and carry out research tasks. 
Month 6-8 
Create a final draft of the research paper and submit.


Research resulting in publication in high

school or college level conference and journal.

Duration ( 6-8 Months )

AIBrilliance’s research programs are offered three times a year.
2) Premium Research Fellowship Program
Meet with your mentor to explore and finalize a research topic
Month 2-9 
Define a framework to conduct research and carry out research tasks. 
Month 10-12 
Create a final draft of the research paper and submit


Selective and competitive (reviewed)

conference or journal publication

Duration ( 9-12 Months )

Normal Application Deadlines for 2024:

SPRING 2024 (MARCH 15TH, 2024)

SUMMER 2024 (May 20th, 2024)

Fall 2024 Session (August 19th, 2024)

*No rigorous and honest program can guarantee publication. AIBrilliance assists with up to three submissions to conferences and journals.*

Stage 1: Information Session Attendance

Join our informative online session to gain insights into the AIBrilliance research program. Learn about its structure, benefits, and how it aligns with your academic goals.

Stage 2: Application and Interview Process

Complete the online application well before the deadline outlined above. If your application is shortlisted, engage in an online interview. This step is crucial for crafting a personalized mentoring plan tailored to your aspirations.

Stage 3: Program Commencement

Once you've fulfilled the necessary logistical requirements on your end, you're ready to officially commence your research program. Take the exciting step into a transformative learning experience.

Research Program Application Process

While no prior experience is needed, our selection program is highly selective. We are looking for students who embody

(a) Academic Excellence
(b) Diligent Work Ethics
(c) Curiosity To Tackle Big Research Questions


"The courses taught by Dr. Rai has been by far my favorite class I've ever enrolled in."

   Alex Krolicki
  Clemson, SC

"I very much enjoyed the course that you     taught. Thank you for the knowledge. "

  Nitin Madhok
  Greenville, SC

"Dr. Rai's course gave me a broader understanding of artificial intelligence and was taught in an intuitive format making it easy to understand. "

  Dustin Bielecki
  Buffalo, NY
"His course helped me understand basics of Data Science, ML & AI and how to apply it in real world applications"
  Ryan Nguyen
  Palo Alto, CA
"I take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the course in an excellent manner. Python tutorial sessions were complementary to the lecture sessions along with the activities."
  Vikas lakhera
  Ahmedabad, India
"Dr. Rai, you are driven by such a passion for machine learning and AI, and you love what you do, which translates into your teaching. This inspired me greatly."
  Zhibo Zhang
  San Jose, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Research and Publication Program differ from the Premium Research Fellowship Program?

The Premium Research Fellowship Program sets itself apart from the Research and Publication Program in following aspects. Firstly, it includes comprehensive publication support for your final research paper. Secondly, it extends over a longer duration, allowing for a more in-depth research exploration and thus higher quality work. Thirdly, it offers almost double the contact hours with your dedicated research mentor. If you're aiming not just to produce and publish a paper but also to publish a high-quality research paper in your chosen field, the Premium Research Fellowship Program is the ideal choice for you.

What is the process of selecting the research topic? Is it necessary to have a specific topic beforehand?

Students entering our research program aren't required to have a well-defined research question, although some may. For all students, we anticipate that your research question will develop and become more precise as you engage with your research mentor. Your mentor serves as a guide for steering you toward the most productive path. We anticipate students will finalize a research question by the end of the first month, refining it with the guidance of their research mentor.

Is it possible to change my research topic or problem in the later stages of the program?

If a student wants to change their research topic late in the program, they should assess the feasibility of addressing the new area within the remaining time and create a plan with the research mentor to execute it. If it's not possible, they can proceed with the agreed-upon topic or explore an extension of the program. For any concerns, discuss this issue with the research mentor asap. 

Is it appropriate to request a letter of recommendation from my research mentor?

Following the completion of the program, your mentor will provide a grade for your research paper along with a brief evaluation. Many students discover that their mentor gains valuable insights into their academic abilities. So, it is OK to request a letter of recommendation. While it is entirely appropriate to request a recommendation letter from your mentor, keep in mind that they are not obligated to provide one. Their decision may be influenced by your performance throughout the program.

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