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Who is this Bootcamp for?

This Bootcamp is designed for high school students in Grades level 9 to 12 (students who have at least completed 8th grade).

What will students learn in the Bootcamp?

Students will learn the basics of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python programming concepts. The course is designed in an interactive, hands-on activity and project-based learning (PBL) model that encourages high school students to grasp fundamental concepts. Students will collect and analyze data to generate useful insights and even build simple AI and machine learning models. The focus is on foundational concepts and python programming for better understanding and knowledge.

How will instruction be delivered?

The instructions will be carried out in hybrid mode. The students will work through self-paced project-based online learning modules and will have the chance to join synchronous (live) lessons offered online (through zoom) during their enrollment in the Bootcamp. Additionally, our team will provide in-person support during specified office hours.

What technology is required?

All you need are 1) a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet that has common internet browsers installed on them, 2) a decent internet connection that allows video streaming or video play, and 3) A microphone and headset combo that allows you to listen and speak during interactive sessions. All software that will be used in the Bootcamp is free and can be accessed through a web browser.

What level of coding knowledge is needed?

To participate, no coding knowledge is required – we will teach python as part of the camp. Google Collaboratory (free) will be used for running Python code.

Will I receive a certificate after the completion of a summer camp?

You will receive a certificate after the successful completion of the Bootcamp.

Do you offer any fee discounts or scholarships?

Yes, we have several categories of fee discounts for females, children of veterans, and group discounts for business organization-supported summer camps. Additionally, we also offer fully paid need-based scholarships to students to attend our Bootcamps. Please contact us for more details.

Do you refund fees for an enrolled Bootcamp?

We allow for fee refunds only in extenuating circumstances! There will be fees applied even in extenuating circumstances case.

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