Deep Learning

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The course is a self-contained, comprehensive primer to deep learning, with a good balance between theory, numerical methods, and programming. A wide variety of topics at the intersection of deep learning will be covered. Processing big data through a deep neural network to generate useful and actionable insights will be the primary focus. The course will focus on the basic concept learning approach, where the focus will be on covering essential elements of deep-learning through referred materials and programming assignments.





Course Lessons

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  • Redefining Learning With Light Board
  • In-person Coding Assistant Help
  • Pay-as-you-learn No Bundle Free Trap
  • Certificate and Reference Guarantee
  • Domain-Specific Capstone Project
  • Small Group (5-25) Focused Learning

Course Instructor 

Dr. Rahul Rai

CEO AIBrilliance
I am Dr. Rahul Rai. I am a Dean's Distinguished Professor in Automotive Engineering and Computer Science and Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Science and Engineering (AIRISE) at Clemson University. I also have industrial research center experiences at United Technology Research Center and Palo Alto Research Center. I am the Founder and CEO of AI Brilliance, a company focused on empowering people to learn about data science, machine learning, and AI concepts.

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