Probability and Statistics Essentials for Machine Learning

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Probability and statistics concepts are the foundational subjects needed for a good grasp of data science techniques, machine learning, and AI algorithms. This beginner-friendly course in probability and statistics is geared toward novices who want to have a good grasp of the fundamental mathematics toolkit of machine learning. For those who have already taken a course in probability and statistics, they will find this course a good way to revise the concepts as the material presented allows quick learning and example-based learning of concepts.
This course cover various important concepts, such as random variable, probability distribution, the law of large numbers, correlation, maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), and maximum a posteriori estimation (MAP) widely used in data science, machine learning, and AI domains.





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Course Instructor 

Dr. Rahul Rai

CEO AIBrilliance
I am Dr. Rahul Rai. I am a Dean's Distinguished Professor in Automotive Engineering and Computer Science and Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Science and Engineering (AIRISE) at Clemson University. I also have industrial research center experiences at United Technology Research Center and Palo Alto Research Center. I am the Founder and CEO of AI Brilliance, a company focused on empowering people to learn about data science, machine learning, and AI concepts.
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