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What makes us Different

Learning with Lightboard AIB

Redefining Learning
With Light Board

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Learning with Lightboard AIB
In-person Coding Assistant Help AI

In-Person Coding
Assistant Help

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In-person Coding Assistant Help AI
pay while learning data science machine learning and artificial intelligence

No Bundle Fee Trap

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pay while learning data science machine learning and artificial intelligence
Certificate and reference guarantee AIBrilliance

Certificate and
Reference Guarantee

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Certificate and reference guarantee AIBrilliance  data science ai machine learning
domain-specific capstone project course AIBrilliance

Capstone Project

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domain-specific capstone project course AIBrilliance lecture guide
Children learning AI data science and machine learning

Small Group
Focused Learning

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Children learning AI data science and machine learning  course data science skill

The Coach &
Coding Enablers

The online education platform that empowers learning in every student and prepare them for data science, machine learning, and AI job market.

Coding Enablers will be your teaching assistants, who will help you through the matrix onto the coding world.

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#1 Enroll in
our Courses

Select from the available courses from a list of free or paid courses.
Free courses are offered in asynchronous mode (material posted online).

#2 Online Learning Format

Paid courses are offered in synchronous online learning format in small batch sizes (5-25 students).

#3 Live Python-Coding Classes

Live Python-based coding lectures taught by coding enablers (Teaching Assistants).

#4 Complete a Python mini-Project

Complete a set of Python-based mini projects related to instruction material and a major project
related to your choice of domain.

#5 Earn course specialization Certificate

Earn a course specialization certificate that can be shared on social media platforms. Once a certificate is issued, we also
provide a personalized referral for job-related referral inquiries.

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  Chandan Kumar

  Alexandar Krolicki

  Darshil Patel

  Ryan Nguyen

I am finishing up my first semester as a graduate student, and so far your course has been by far my favorite class I've ever enrolled in.
The research you showcased in our latest lecture was in line with the kind of work I hope to achieve during my time in academia

   Alex Krolicki

  Dustin Bielecki

I very much enjoyed the deep learning course that you taught. Thank you for the knowledge. 

   Nitin Madhok
Dr. Rai is an excellent teacher. He has teaching abilities, skills to convey complex concepts easily.

  Vinayak Khade

Student graduates of Dr. Rai are working for

LG Electronics student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
Google Student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
KLA Student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
Microsoft Student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
Tesla Student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
JCB Student graduates of Dr. Rahul Rai
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Women in Data Science

The number of women in the data science field, especially minority women, is
low compared to men. Let's reverse that trend! AlBrilliance offers tuition
discounts for women pursuing our programs. Are you interested in applying?
Please get in touch!

Veterans GI Bill

Gl Bill benefits helps veterans to pay for variety of training
programs. Veterans can use their Gl Bill Benefit to learn
data science and machine learing courses on our platform
Are you interested in finding out how? Please get in fouch!

Employer Tuition Assistance

If your employer supports your continuing education, then you can avail of our employer tuition assistance program. In this case, the company you work for could help pay part or
all of the cost of your tuition related to  different courses on our platform.

Corporate Training Discount

High quality corporate data science and machine learning programs for upskilling the workforce are hard to find! We can deliver both in-person and online specialized courses to upskill corporate teams at specialized corporate rates.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the admission process for your courses? Which courses are a good fit for me?

Our courses are interest and upskilling interest-driven. We do not have any specific admission criteria. If you have any questions about a given course and its suitability for you, please reach out to us through email help@aibrilliance.com by attaching your CV.

Do your courses have industry-related projects?

Yes, you can. However, we encourage you to enroll in different courses in a sequence that gives you a maximum learning experience.

Do your courses have industry-related projects?

All the courses at AIBrilliance use hand-on mini-projects and capstone projects. The mini-projects and capstone projects use real situations and data that are encountered in the industry. The capstone project can be customized to fit the learner’s choice of a domain such as finance, tech, manufacturing, and logistics, etc.

Will I receive a certificate after the completion of a course?

Yow will receive a certificate after completion of a course at AIBrilliance (free and paid for both!). However, we do not provide a certificate for one-day introductory workshops.

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Women in Data Science

Veterans GI Bill

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